LA Rams can’t cover kickoffs but stop 2 Colts scoring drives

Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams opened Week 1 with a kickoff to Chicago Bears kickoff returner Khalil Herbert only to give up a 50-yard kickoff return to allow the Bears to start on their own 43-yard line.  In Week 2, the LA Rams opened with a kickoff to the goal line, and the Rams coverage team allowed the Indianapolis Colts kick returner, Isaiah Rodgers to return the ball to their own 41-yard line.

Just like the previous week, the Rams defense opened by taking the field first. And just like the first game, they took the football field near midfield. The Colts moved the ball easily downfield, mixing 10+ yards passes with rushes. Of course, this is a new Rams defense, a bend but not break version that was effective in week one save one huge run by Bears running back.

The Colts, much like the Bears in Week 1, drove down to the red zone. With the first down and goal to go, the Colts rushed running back Jonathan Taylor three times, and each time he was tackled short of the goal one. On fourth-and-one, quarterback Carson Wentz dropped back and was sacked by outside linebacker Leonard Floyd.

Now with the football, the LA Rams were right back in business. Stafford worked the Colts defense with passes to Robert Woods, Darrell Henderson, Van Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, and finally, on second down and six to go, he threw a 16-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Cooper Kupp. There were some shenanigans on the play, because Kupp began the play lined up in the backfield and he just raced downfield for the score.

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As expected, the Colts have a rather aggressive offense in this one and are throwing the ball all over the football field as well. By the time this article gets to you, two teams exchanged interceptions, and the LA Rams were able to kick a field goal with under two minutes remaining in the first half.

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