Thinking it’s time for the LA Rams to add a veteran running back

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The LA Rams are down to two healthy running backs. Well, one healthy veteran running back, one rookie running back who is returning kickoffs, and featured running back Darrell Henderson who was feared to be injury-prone.  In just two games, after just 29 rushes, Darrell Henderson is now… wait for it… injured.

Darrell Henderson Jr. tore some rib cartilage, an injury that comes with an incredible intensity of pain. Pain is part of the human early warning system. Since ribs protect vital organs and are part of the natural breathing process, any damage pretty much sets off the entire alarm system. We know that Aaron Donald played with a rib injury when facing the Green Bay Packers in last year’s playoff game. Based on that experience, I would be incredibly surprised to find that Henderson is a go for Week 3.

But many believe that he  will play. I’m not going to shatter that fragile hope here. Maybe he will. Maybe he will. But The Fantasy Doctors already have a video out on the guy, so I’ll let them give you a break down of his injury and the likelihood of his playing in Week 3.

With that being said, the LA Rams are very likely down to two healthy running backs for a very difficult game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Well, just as the Indianapolis Colts were acclimated to the LA Rams offensive style because they had to face a similar offense with the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams running offense face the Indianapolis Colts, a strong run defense that historically been a stout run defense, and ran for 101 yards.

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So far, the LA Rams have committed to running Henderson, and that has resulted in his getting the lion share of the work. But was that what helped Henderson to be more susceptible to an injury? Normally, I will entertain that sort of thinking. But Henderson had rushed for 123 yards and two touchdowns so far, and the Rams offense was moving the football with him in there. So I’m willing to ignore the statistical evidence that has proven that fatigue is a leading contributor to soft tissue injury in professional football.