Thinking it’s time for the LA Rams to add a veteran running back

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In case of emergency

So it it time to panic for the LA Rams fan base? Not exactly. The LA Rams may not have rushed running back Sony Michel to the football field, but I love what he will do in this LA Rams offense. Keep in mind, he played with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady for years, and as such has a deep understanding of what Brady likes and dislikes.

So even before he was suddenly appearing to be the Rams primary running back, Sony Michel was already quite useful to the team in terms of diagnosing their opponent for this one. But when he showed up in the Colts game, how did he do?  Rather well, if truth be told. His ten carries for 46 yards coming in cold was rather impressive indeed.

Michell was effective against the Colts because he aims right into the line of scrimmage and bursts through as soon a a running lane forms. While I’m not prepared to declare Michel at a level of two rushing touchdowns and 100 yards rushing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I am prepared to say that he could deliver a pleasantly surprising performance in Week 3.

Of course, the LA Rams added running back Jake Funk for just such an occasion, and it only makes sense that he should be in the mix as well. He may not be suited for a power running game, but the Rams were intrigued enough to add him to the roster during the 2021 NFL Draft.  I don’t expect that Funk will get a lot of work in Week 3, but the pace at which the Rams are cycling through running backs this year may force him into service. But what of practice squad players?