Matthew Stafford is LA Rams Week 3 secret weapon

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Matthew Stafford
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More NFL analysts love for Stafford

So here we go, more of the NFL talk circuit heading into Week 3. Of course, the Buccaneers-Rams Week 3 matchup is the best matchup that the NFL has to offer this weekend.  This is the Clash of the NFL Titans, the top-ranked NFL team facing the second-ranked NFL team.

So here is the Fox Sports NFL analyst Bucky Brooks’s view of the LA Rams quarterback. He states that the LA Rams are the biggest threat to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because the Rams have built the team with three Top-5 elite stars. He then states that Matthew Stafford is a Top-5 NFL quarterback (at the 7:28 mark)

Is this just a stats-padding performance opportunity for LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford?  I don’t think so. Talking heads use the circular argument of Matthew Stafford hasn’t won a Super Bowl, so he can’t. Really? That’s not something we can project today, but we do know some things.

The LA Rams advanced to compete in Super Bowl 53 with the second-ranked NFL offense, the 20th-ranked defense, and the second-ranked special teams unit in the NFL. The Rams special teams will be hard-pressed to make it into the Top-10 this year, but the defense is unlikely to fall out of the Top-10, and the offense is climbing rapidly.

The fact is that the NFL analysts loved the Rams trade for Matthew Stafford when it happened, then proceeded back to the regularly scheduled programming. The Rams haven’t gone apeshit in putting up a ton of points or attacking NFL defenses with a full offensive salvo just yet. This has been a deliberate progression, a strategic plan of showing just enough offense to win, but without revealing much to the next opponent. So what might the LA Rams offense look like with Stafford unleashed?