Why the LA Rams pass rush is key to containing Tom Brady’s passing

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II:   Veteran volley

The LA Rams may be one of the youngest NFL rosters, but that does not mean that the team has abandoned all traces of veteran leadership. Perhaps one area where the team has a nice blend of veteran and youth is the defensive line. We’d talked at length about the young guys. Now, what will the veterans do to help them find their way in this one?

The Rams will be sending A’Shawn Robinson, Sebastian Joseph Day, and Greg Gaines onto the field as part of their base 3-4 defensive front. From the edges, the Rams will be rushing Leonard Floyd and Justin Hollins. Now the only question is: Will it be enough to get to Brady?

Sebastian Joseph Day and Greg Gaines have already combined for 25 percent of the LA Rams quarterback sacks. That’s not bad this early in the season. But the prize goes to the starting outside linebackers, who have already claimed three quarterback sacks. That’s good enough for 50 percent of the Rams sack total, and equal to the total number of quarterback sacks that the Rams had at this point in the NFL season from one year ago.

The funny thing about quarterback sacks is that it’s similar to receivers vying for the football. There is only one quarterback. Once he is sacked, he is sacked. After two games, (three for TNF participant, the Carolina Panthers), the LA Rams are tied for the fifth-most quarterback sacks in the NFL. It appears that one marked difference between the 2020 version of the Rams defense compared to the 2021 version is the fact that this year’s version of the defense is more aggressive in its pursuit of sacking the quarterback.

If I am to believe comments made on social media, many believe that the Rams defensive front simply is standing back waiting for Aaron Donald to sack the quarterback. But when other players get to the quarterback, then suddenly it’s Donald who is an instant concern. So far this year, it’s the teammates of Aaron Donald who are getting to the quarterback, and rather frequently. Look for more of the same against the Buccaneers. But then, what of Aaron Donald?