LA Rams open with stop, Atwell punt return, and inaccurate Stafford

Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams have wanted to see what quarterback Matthew Stafford could do in a high-profile game. Not much was expected from the defense, almost nothing was expected from special teams, but all expectations pointed to the LA Rams offense and the fact that their new quarterback is exceeding the already lofty expectations.

So far, the opposite is happening. The LA Rams special teams open playing as best as could be expected. The Rams kicked off to no return. The Rams punted to the 11-yard line to no return. And rookie punt returner Tutu Atwell returned a punt for nine yards. A great start.

The LA Rams held the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to two consecutive series of three downs and punts. That’s an incredible way to start the game against the Buccaneers’ offense. So everything should be all Rams so far right?

Well, um… no.   In the first play of the game for the Rams offense, Stafford missed a wide-open Cooper Kupp deep down the left side, throwing it a bit high and behind him. Then, after setting up Kupp in the backfield, Jake Funk rushed a rather promising five yards.  Finally, on third and five, Stafford missed an open Van Jefferson who was open and would have moved the chains with a completion.

So far, the Rams seem to be gaining yards on the ground in this one.

Stafford did complete a pass for a first down to Robert Woods, but a second incompletion off the hands of Cooper Kupp, and a near interception.  Finally, Matthew Stafford missed a wide-open DeSean Jackson down the middle of the field by underthrowing him

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Hekker is averaging 46 yards on two punts. The Rams defense has forced two punts from the first two Buccaneer possessions. But Stafford is just one of six for seven yards. Did we say this one would be a high scorer?  Well, only if Stafford settles down.

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