Matthew Stafford to DeSean Jackson appears unstoppable

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

When the LA Rams signed wide receiver DeSean Jackson as their only free-agent addition in the offseason, it was not exactly received with a ticker-tape parade. Some did not understand just how incredibly dangerous the LA Rams offense might be with Jackson’s speed stretching defenses. Some believed that Jackson would not remain healthy enough to make much of an impact. Others saw an LA Rams offense already boasting a strong complement of receivers and simply didn’t connect the possibilities with a speedster on the outside.

By halftime, the skeptics had enough evidence to feel validated. On two occasions, DeSean Jackson ran deep down the middle of the field, but the ensuing throw by the Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford fell ridiculously short.

At halftime, the LA Rams led by seven points with the score at a very close 14-7. But the Rams would get the kickoff in the second half. After a run and a pass that have no effect, Stafford dropped back, and finally got the ball to a wide-open DeSean Jackson, a 75-yard touchdown pass that needed just 56 seconds to move the ball the length of the football field.

After putting up a nice touchdown drive to close to within seven points. At 21-14, the Buccaneers had to feel good about staying close. They entered the game knowing that they could score 40 points a game. And the Rams were not able to run. It would only be a matter of time before Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback would get the football back.  They had to believe that they could get another score.

But the Rams were not done.

After moving the chains with a 20-yard pass, the Rams then passed the ball to DeSean Jackson for five yards, then went right back to him for another 40-yard deep strike.  On the very next play, wide receiver Cooper Kupp caught a pass and ran the 10 yards necessary to get the LA Rams’ fourth passing touchdown on the day.

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In the midst of the fourth quarter, Stafford had thrown for 343 yards and four touchdowns. DeSean Jackson has three receptions for 120 yards and one touchdown. If Stafford can find the range on Jackson for an entire game? That combination appears to be almost unstoppable.