What we learned from LA Rams win over Buccaneers

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Lesson II:  The LA Rams can score from 75 yards away in under one minute

Possessing the ability to score from anywhere on the field is not something that immediately jumps into the mind of the fans whose team can do that. But it is constantly in the minds of fans whose defense is tasked with trying to stop that type of offense.

The NFL is on alert now. The LA Rams offense can score from 75 yards away in 56 seconds. The Rams have scored from 67 yards out, from 56 yards out, and now from 75 yards away. But the distance is only part of the equation. The more important part? The Rams can do it with just one play, in less than a minute, from almost anywhere on the football field. The 75 yarder was the first series of the second half on a third and 10 from the 25-yard line and was a bullet from Stafford’s hand to the wide-open outstretched arms of DeSean Jackson.

Hot. Matthew Stafford to DeSean Jackson appears unstoppable. light

The 75-yard touchdown electrified the fans in SoFi Stadium. It was something that the fans and the Rams organization had awaited for three games. But the connection from Matthew Stafford to DeSean Jackson had a chance to connect for deep touchdowns three times against the Buccaneers. On the first opportunity, the ball was underthrown. On the second attempt, nose tackle Vita Vea crashed into Matthew Stafford just as he released the ball. That one was underthrown as well.

Defenses have not learned to take away the deep pass just yet. That’s why it’s still difficult for the Rams to run the ball. But it creates plenty of instant scoring opportunities for an offense that has several receivers who can break the lid off the defense.

Right now, defenses have not adjusted well enough. Nobody is covering the LA Rams wide receivers on deep routes. That’s a dangerous game to play for any team facing this Rams offense. The Rams have proven the ability to score from anywhere quickly. To date, no defense has proven the ability to stop it.