LA Rams: Hollins to IR, best free agent OLBs to keep an eye on

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Justin Hollins to IR

The LA Rams have been a revolving door at the outside linebacker position. From the get-go, the LA Rams have been dodging a personnel crunch disaster. With limited snaps for Terrell Lewis and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo on IR, the LA Rams tapped practice squad outside linebacker Justin Lawler.

Lawler filled the gap for the position in the rotation and allowed the Rams to ease in Lewis gradually. Justin Hollins has been outstanding. Lawler broke his hand in playing on Week 2 and has already been activated for the first two football games this year.

McVay is not committing to anything today. But with the news about Justin Hollins requiring surgery to fix his pectoral muscle, Justin Lawler in a cast,  Terrell Lewis with knee issues that require snap count management, and now the uncertainty of how prepared Ogbonnia Okoronkwo will be to take up the role of a rotational player. Everyone right now is a banged-up off the edge. The latest estimate is that Justin Hollins will require eight-ten weeks to recover after surgery. Yikes.

Of course, the Rams are likely looking at a rotation right now of Leonard Floyd, Terrell Lewis, rookie Chris Garrett, and some level of participation from Obo. That’s good enough if everyone stays healthy. The problem becomes if that is not the case.

Considering some viable free-agent options here and now is not an overreaction, nor is this some personnel department executive pressing a panic button.  It’s just sound fundamental supply management. The LA Rams defense is clearly dependant upon rotations at key positions, and the need to maintain those rotations certainly applies to the outside linebacker position.  So what options do the LA Rams have right now in the free agency market?