No shortcuts for LA Rams Cooper Kupp NFC Offensive Player of the Month

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Somebody stop me

The Rams offense has been quite potent, but the team spreads the wealth so well that unless you follow the team religiously, those facts seem to be lost in the background. It’s been a key to the Rams’ success. The Rams offense is constructed so well that if a defense neutralizes one player, two other players step up to take his place.

But in the same breath, that same balance tends to allow for undervaluing the players in this team’s offense who make things go when the sledding gets tougher. Cooper Kupp has been one of the best-kept secrets amidst the wide receiver group. His name is not mentioned often in discussions about the game’s elite players. And yet, when you line up the production, there he is.

Okay, so a route runner who gets lots of yards after the catch. What about how well he runs with the ball? Does he drop like a sack of potatoes when a defensive back gets near him?

Uh… no.

The challenge in the past was the fact that the Rams offense shrank the routes and the field to help build confidence in the quarterback. The entire football field is back on the menu, and that gives Cooper Kupp all sorts of room to operate. The more space he has, the more dangerous he becomes. That is why we were confident in his ability in June 2021.

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Cooper Kupp is simply one of the best receivers in the NFL, and now that he is paired with quarterback Matthew Stafford, he will continue to be capable of scoring instantly from anywhere on the football field. Eventually, the Rams offense will find balance again. Eventually, we will be having a similar conversation about Robert Woods. But that does not diminish the accomplishments of Kupp so far. It simply proves what we’ve known all along. Kupp and Woods are capable of becoming the next best WR duo in LA Rams history.