Nobody is kicking sand in LA Rams Brian Allen’s face anymore

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Great NFL players are not those who never fall. They are the ones who fall but find the strength to get back up. However else you feel about LA Rams starting center, Brian Allen, it’s time to stop the disrespect. He has not only earned the starting center role for the LA Rams but he’s earned respect in the process.

The 2019 LA Rams were 5-3 and coming off their BYE week. It was a difficult season to that point, as the LA Rams won their first three games, and then lost their next three. But the team was confident on the road facing the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Well, until the game was actually played.

The Rams scored 12 points in that game, 10 scored by the defense. The only points on the scoreboard from the offense were a third-quarter 30-yard field goal off the foot of placekicker Greg Zuerlein. Adding insult to injury, the Rams lost their starting center, Brian Allen, to a devastating knee injury in the first quarter.

From the team’s perspective, the injury prompted the team to rework the offensive line. The Rams shifted left guard Austin Blythe to center, promoted just acquired Austin Corbett to left guard alongside left tack Andrew Whitworth. The team also relied upon rookies David Edwards to play right guard, and Bobby Evans to play right tackle. It was Evans’s first start at right tackle.

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That offensive line configuration would carry the Rams through the rest of the season. In a way, the experience would benefit the Rams tremendously. Players on the Rams offensive line depth chart earned playing time and valuable experience. With the onset of COVID-19 rule changes, that experience would become even more precious and valuable for the team in 2020.  But what of Brian Allen?