Why Week 4 is ideal for LA Rams 12 package offense?

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Let’s give ’em something to talk about

The LA Rams have a lot of defensive coordinators talking right now. There is a lot of pondering among defenses about how to shut down a passing offense that can move the ball 90 yards downfield in just two minutes’ time.  Or an offense that can score from 75 yards away in less than a minute.

So there are ways to do that, ways that include rushing the passing, blitzing, and covering deep routes with a cornerback and a safety combination. That stops the deep pass, but it compels the defense to have just seven players in the box. When offenses face that type of defense, it’s an invitation to run. The Rams should accept the invitation.

In 2019, the LA Rams found unparalleled success by playing tight end Tyler Higbee and Johnny Mundt, using Mundt to block and routing passing to Higbee. The result was a December where Higbee caught 522 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

A game like that in Week 4 would give defenses something new to talk about. After all, the Rams can stretch the field and score at nearly any time and from anywhere. There is unlikely that even one defense is planning how to stop the LA Rams running game right now. But that can change after Week 4.

In 2020, the Rams fielded their 12-personnel nearly 30 percent of the time. In 2021, that rate has dropped to just 18 percent. The Arizona Cardinals have one goal in mind for Week 4, stop the LA Rams passing game.  So why fight it?  Hit ’em where they ain’t. Run the ball and do so with the 12-personnel package.

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If that doesn’t work, the Rams can simply go back to the deep ball. After all, they can score in less than a minute.