Brian Baldinger likes the LA Rams in Week 4

Mandatory Credit: Nas Titans Chargers 001
Mandatory Credit: Nas Titans Chargers 001 /

The Arizona Cardinals are coming to town. The Arizona Cardinals are coming to town.

The only question is, will they arrive like a gentle breeze, or in the form of a tempest, shaking up SoFi Stadium and leaving with the win and the place in a mess? With more than 24 hours before we learn the outcome of the game, we need to find reassurance from other sources. The LA Rams may consider the “Best Team in the NFL” heading into Week 3. But one loss changes everything.  So let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Some of the best news about the LA Rams can be heard from NFL Analyst Brian Baldinger. Baldinger tells it like it is, and does so with the enthusiasm and panache that can only come from a former player like ‘Baldy’.  He wears his former career and experience like a merit badge, and he should. He can talk professional football intricacies within the vocabulary of a layperson but deliver the insight of a football coach.

And so when he stopped by the You Better You Bet video podcast to talk Week 4 and the Arizona Cardinals facing the LA Rams, he gives a fine bit of praise to the Arizona Cardinals, and the work that team has done to add offensive weapons and pass rushers to their team.

But he likes the LA Rams offense and expects that the Rams will be the last remaining undefeated team in the NFC West.

While it doesn’t always work out that way, the LA Rams were the best team in the NFC West in 2020, advancing further in the NFL Playoffs than any other team. This year, the additions of quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver DeSean Jackson have elevated the Rams offense, not just from their own play, but what the pair unlocks from the other players on the roster.

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While the LA Rams will not run the table on a 17-0 season, I’m with Baldy on this one. The Rams offense is just too good, capable of scoring when need be, this early in the season