Rich Eisen believes that the LA Rams have something special going on

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams are getting a lot of attention and love from NFL analysts right now. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? For now, you can decide. But don’t take too long in doing so. The bandwagon is filling up rapidly.

Some NFL analysts are all about picking a controversial topic, choosing an outlandish or extreme take on that topic, and then publicly defending that standpoint to attract clicks and views in a manner, not unlike the occasion when a person is rubbernecking as they drive by the scene of an accident.

It’s how they suck you in. Once there, it’s nearly impossible to escape without attempting to correct that outlandish opinion, replacing it with your own more logical perspective.

Of course, other NFL analysts take a more conventional approach. They appreciate football excellence without constructing an altar. They cite solid NFL production without proclaiming an inevitable Super Bowl victory. They are the logical analysts, who do not sway their opinions based on one game. They saw Matthew Stafford as a great fit in the LA Rams offense before a single game was played.

Too legit, or too soon?

And then, there are the analysts who make it quite difficult to tell. They oftentimes sound reasonable. But when things are going well for a team, they jump out and start a ticker-tape parade after three weeks.  Right now, I would categorize NBC Sports NFL analyst Rich Eisen in the third category,

The LA Rams are getting a lot of love right now. Too much? Yeah, it’s starting to feel that way. If the Rams were 9-0 and leading the NFC West by four games? I could see this chatter about the “Best Team in the NFL”, and only if that were caveated with a  -for now, clause.z

This early season love feels more like a setup than actual admiration. The Rams have not played a game in the NFC West yet. With the Arizona Cardinals coming to town, also with a 3-0 record, I see no reason to claim that the LA Rams are the best anything yet.  I’m okay if he talks about the LA Rams’ chances in Week 4. But as to the “Best Team in the NFL” after three games?

light. Trending. Who will defend the LA Rams flank in Week 4?

Nah. We’ll pass. It’s way too soon for that nonsense.