4 keys to LA Rams win over Cardinals in Week 4

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Key II: Run Sony Michel 20+ times in this game

The LA Rams learned pretty quickly that having running back Sony Michel in the backfield means good things for the Rams offense. Against the run stingy Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense in Week 3, he proved that he could not only run with the ball, but he could catch a pass and pick up and pancake blitzing defenders. So put Sony Michel in the backfield.

Of course, just lining up in the backfield will be a dead giveaway that the Rams intend on passing the ball, so mix in a few runs.  We know that the Rams defense will be in a virtual track meet trying to contain and chase down Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in this one. So the Rams would be wise to approach this game strategically.

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Run the ball. Control the clock. Give the guys on defense a chance to get their wind back. The Cardinals are the team to commit to running the ball. They field an aggressive offense that can move the ball. Meanwhile, their defense struggles to defend the run.

Sony Michel is a north-south runner who hits the crease as it forms. The Cardinals’ defense is built to get after the quarterback, aggressively taking outside lanes to do so. The Rams can simply run to the spot just vacated by a pass rusher and run to daylight.

Michel ran 20 times against the run stingy Bucs defense for 67 yards. 20 attempts against the Cardinals defense should get more than 100 yards rushing. If the Cardinals overreact by slipping eight defenders into the box, the Rams can counter with quick passes that can go for miles and miles.