4 keys to LA Rams win over Cardinals in Week 4

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Key III: Make use of 12 personnel Package

The LA Rams have enjoyed good success using two tight-end packages in the past. Of course, one of the reasons to go heavy on their tight ends was the need to get more blockers onto the field, and to help loosen up defenders to run against.

This game may only be the fourth of the season, but it is the most important game of the young season. Any games against division rivals mean more because these games are involved in each and every tie-breaker possible. In 2020, the Rams ended up at just 3-3 in the NFC West division. That was a bit disappointing, as the team was 10-6 overall.

The Rams have a perfectly complimentary pair of tight ends in Johnny Mundt and Tyler Higbee. In the past, it was Mundt who lined up on the line of scrimmage tight, wide, slightly off the line, in the Y-back, the H-Back, as a power back, and even as a pseudo fullback. Mundt is rock solid as a blocker, and he punishes defenders as he leads into the hole.

Meanwhile, Higbee becomes devastatingly effective in the passing game, simply finding the soft part of zone coverage, or running a seam route deep. When the Rams deployed their 12-personnel in December 2019, Tyler Higbee gained 522 yards and two touchdowns that month.

The Cardinals will ride an emotional high in this game. The coaching staff will call a very aggressive game to escalate the team’s emotions and get an early lead on the Rams. The Rams have a perfect counter already on the shelf. Play two tight-ends early to allow the Rams to get a feel for the tempo of this one. After the defense has been softened up with blocks and the running game, switch over to the aerial assault.