Matthew Stafford ice cold efficiency fits LA Rams high octane offense.

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Matthew Stafford effect

When Matthew Stafford began to show up huge in training camp, we asked what seemed to be a very logical question at the time. Why wasn’t anyone talking about the Matthew Stafford effect on this offense?  We cited ball security, deep passes, and the ability to process what he sees and get rid of the ball pretty quickly.

So far, it’s all happening. In fact, the results so far are surpassing even the most optimistic projections. The Rams offense is definitely back in the long-ball business. Wide receiver Cooper Kupp has just been awarded the NFC Offensive Player of the Month for September 2021.  The difference is the quarterback, plain and simple.

A seasoned veteran? Not yet. He is just three weeks into playing for the LA Rams, a team he is playing for in his first season. That means he is still familiarizing himself with this offense, with his weapons, and with his teammates.  But if you claim he is a fast learner? I won’t argue that. After all, he was won his second NFL Offensive Player of the Week award in just three weeks.

Prior to his arrival with the LA Rams, Matthew Stafford had only won that distinction once before in his career.

This is the offense that will take the field in Week 4. This offense has trailed just once, for just two minutes, of the first three games of the 2021 NFL season. This is the offense that can score in less than one minute and over 70 yards.

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The Rams offense is doubly dangerous. Now, what Matthew Stafford doesn’t see on the field of play, head coach Sean McVay sees from the sidelines. And when the game plan misses the mark? Stafford can improvise long enough for the coach to rework a better game plan.  LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford possesses an ice-cold efficiency that can handle anything that the defense throws at him. And it’s that ice-cold efficiency that makes him the perfect quarterback fit for this LA Rams high octane offense.