LA Rams: 6 bold predictions for Cardinals vs. Rams

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Bold prediction III: DB Darious Williams gets his first interception of the season

The LA Rams secondary has been under duress for the first three games of the season. Why is that? Well, the LA Rams have jumped out to an early lead. The Rams have been losing the time of possession so far.  What the heck does any of that mean for the Rams defense? Simple enough, the Rams are getting thrown at more than all but three other NFL defenses. The Rams have been passed at 131 times in three games, which is the fourth most in the NFL.

Oh, and just to clarify, two of the teams that have been thrown at more played four games.

Lost to the casual fan is the fact that the LA Rams offense forces opposing teams to throw early and often. Yet despite the fact that the Rams are thrown at so often, this team has allowed just two passing touchdowns to three interceptions.

The Cardinals offense is pass-happy, and they arrive at SoFi Stadium knowing that the LA Rams average more than 30 points a game. That means that their game plan will try to emphasize the pass, and will try to throw it to whoever is not covered by All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey.  That means that Darious Williams will get a lot of targets.

While DWill is still transitioning to the new defensive philosophy, he is still playing well. He just needs that one good game to get him over the hump. He’ll get it in this one. The Cardinals have been feasting on lesser pass defenses to date. Darious Williams is the master of deception, making it appear as though his man is open, then breaking on the ball for a deflection or the interception.  I like Williams to jump a route in Week 4 and get a big INT.