LA Rams: 6 bold predictions for Cardinals vs. Rams

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Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona RepublicNfl Cards Game L A Rams At Arizona Cardinals /
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Bold prediction IV: Rams defense will get 5+ quarterback sacks

This is one game that the Cardinals have to believe they can win in a shootout. But I’m not convinced that they can. Not this one. Not against a Rams defensive front that has consistently put up three sacks per game. But they have left more on the table. Three more against the Chicago Bears. One more against the Indianapolis Colts. Two more against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

They won’t leave any sacks behind in this one. I love this matchup for the Rams defensive line, simply because two Cardinals starting and one backup offensive linemen are nursing injuries and are questionable for this one. The Cardinals indicated that they are game-time decisions. Fair enough. That level of uncertainty will hurt the Cardinals’ offensive continuity as much if not more than it will cause confusion with the Rams defensive line.

The Rams know that Kyler Murray is young. They know that a year ago the defense camouflaged the coverages. This year, I believe that the Rams will attack Murray to get him out of his rhythm. Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris considers the quarterback fair game and will send blitzes after him from several places.

While the blitz may not get to him, Aaron Donald will. Or Obo will. Or Leonard Floyd will. The LA Rams have a formidable pass rush that has been improving each week. This week, against a divisional rival that is dealing with questions about the health of their offensive linemen, the Rams pass rush could be incredibly effective.

Let’s check out some facts and figures at Next Gen Stats. You see, in two out of the three games, it’s taken Kyler Murray over 3.0 seconds to throw the ball. In Week 1, Andy Dalton got rid of the ball in 2.44 seconds. In Week 2, Carson Wentz got rid of the ball in 2.9 seconds.  In Week 3, Tom Brady got rid of the ball in 2.54 seconds. Kyler Murray needs 2.94 seconds to get rid of the ball. That will ensure that the Rams pass rush will get to him.