LA Rams humbled by Arizona Cardinals at SoFi Stadium

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Still a very good LA Rams team

Did you think that the Rams would win every game this season? They won’t. In fact, in the remaining 13 games of the 2021 NFL season, there are probably four losses remaining.  So why go overboard when the losses arrive?

The LA Rams did not show up for this one. Whether overconfident, underestimating their opponent, or simply expecting to win just for showing up, the team showed very little of anything in all three phases of the game.  In Week 3, we witnessed just how good this Rams team can play. In Week 4, we witnessed just how poorly this LA Rams can play. Will the real LA Rams team please stand up?

The Rams are not the best team in the NFL, not yet. But they are still a very good NFL team. This is a team with five new positional coaches, a new quarterback, a new offensive center, a new running back, a new Special teams Coordinator, a new Defensive Coordinator,  and five new starters on the defensive side of the ball. No, those are NOT excuses. Simply the logical reasons why the LA Rams team is still getting better.

If the Rams continue the 3-1 pace, in 16 games, they will be 12-4. How terrible is that exactly? Perhaps this embarrassing loss is a blessing in disguise after all. There has been entirely too much praise showering this LA Rams team too soon. No doubt, each and every “Best Team in the NFL” story that hit the NFL national headlines ended up on the Arizona Cardinals bulletin board.

The Cardinals won this one. They are now 4-0. The Rams are now 3-1. Don’t let one loss cloud your judgment here.