Little fixables from LA Rams Week 4 L can create Week 5 W

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Little Fixable VI: Improve the net turnovers

Turnovers happen. But if an NFL team’s offense is suddenly giving that football away faster than their defense is taking it away, that causes a lot of problems for that team.  Right now, the LA Rams are at a net takeaway of zero and trending in the wrong direction. That’s a concern.

Of course, turnovers are something that happens randomly. Both the takeaways and the giveaways. But some teams manufacture turnovers more effectively. Other teams have better ball security than the rest of the NFL. Either way, their net turnover numbers remain positive and increase over the course of an NFL season.

The Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys are creating a ton of turnovers so far this year. The Seattle Seahawks have incredible ball security this year. The Rams are tied for eighth-best at securing the football among 32 NFL teams and are tied for 14th place in terms of creating takeaways. Combined? The LA Rams are ranked 14th at net turnovers.

Little Fix VI for Week 5: Create takeaways on defense

The Rams need to get better at creating takeaways. How? Well, getting better at their secondary would be a huge step to creating turnovers. Terrell Burgess and Robert Rochell cannot cause fumble or intercept passes on the bench. So they need to be on the football field to help the Rams out. So too must ILB Ernest Jones get some playing time, as his no-nonsense tackling style has just as much chance, if not more, of causing a fumble.

Failure to change anyone on the football field simply maintains the status quo. Fixing problems, particularly this early in the season with this young roster, means giving other players a shot to make plays.

We can all agree that the LA Rams are not a dominating defense in 2020. That’s fine if coaches are willing to give other players a chance to showcase what they can do on the football field.

In the end, I’d love to see Ernest Jones, Robert Rochell, and Chris Garrett get more playing time. I’d love to see the Rams target Robert Woods more often in the passing game. I’d love to see the Rams stick with the running game if it’s working. I’d love to see the Rams use a 12 personnel package.

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All of these changes are little fixables. All of these little fixes can happen in time for Week 5. Let’s hope that the Rams make some improvements in time. Nobody wants to see the Rams at 0-2 in the NFC West Division after just five games.