4 keys to LA Rams win over Seattle Seahawks in Week 5

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Key II: Rams must win the turnover battle

Well this is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Give up the football, give up the game. Control the football, control your own destiny? Well, the Seattle Seahawks have been amazingly good about securing the football when their offense is on the field. The LA Rams must be better.

We know that turnovers can be the turning point in a football game. That is particularly true in a divisional game where both teams are incredibly familiar with one another. It’s very much like a staring contest, where the team that loses the football is the team that blinks first.

We learned some hard lessons about the LA Rams team in Week 4. There truly is a limit to the ability of this team to come back from falling behind. There are holes in the Rams defense that must be addressed at some point in this season. And no matter how good we believe Matthew Stafford is, fixating on one wide receiver to the point where other teams know who he will be throwing to before the ball is snapped is a recipe for disaster.

We’re back to good old-fashioned football fundamentals, folks. The first lesson is to control the football. Nothing fancy. Nothing elaborate. Just controlling the football. Of the Rams’ four turnovers this year, three have directly resulted in touchdowns.  Those subsequent points, if removed, would help the defense improve on points allowed from 18th in the NFL to the eighth-ranked defense in the NFL.

Funny how that works out.