LA Rams weebly wobbly worrisome Week 5 win provides few answers

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Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Two Rams and the Jackal

This is a tale that has long been a traditional chidren’s story in South Asia, primarily India, and it goes something like this. Two Rams were fighting for dominance of the herd of some of the finest sheep in the lands. Both were incredibly powerful Rams, and the fighting had been ongoing for much of the day. The fighting had continued so long, that the Rams had wounded one another during the fight.

It just so happened that a starving jackal had wandered upon the two Rams, drawn by the scent of their fresh wounds and blood. He watched mesmerized by the clashing of the two Titans, until his hunger got the best of him. As the Rams continued to clash with tremendous force, the Jackal began to lick the blood from the grass on the field all around him.

Oh the taste of that blood to the starving Jackal filled his head with the savory vision of the imminent feast of the two glorious Rams. “How filling such a meal shall be!”, though the Jackal as he tasted the blood and drew ever close to the fighting Rams.

But he drew too close. His hunger and eagerness placed him directly in the path of the fighting Rams, and he was crushed by the force of the two battling behemoths.  Because of his greed and foolishness for instantaneous reward, the Jackal placed himself into the path of danger. He lost sight of the dangers of being over eager and paid the price.

Okay, so what does that all mean to an LA Rams fan? Well, simply stated, the battle of despair and hope is raging, and we should not be so eager for the story to play out instantly. Let the season take its course.  So what do fans have to despair or worry about?