LA Rams offense ability to read and react critical to team’s success

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

We’ve pushed the perspective about the LA Rams offensive line has improved significantly recently. And while that is true, there is more to the 2021 Rams offense than a renaissance along the offensive line. The pieces are able to react to what the defense is showing because Matthew Stafford is able to diagnose the defense pre-snap. Without throwing any shade at the former quarterback, the LA Rams have not enjoyed that capability in the past.

Here is a breakdown of the Rams offense by commentator De’Mardo Farr. As he breaks down the play of Robert Woods in Week 5, he gives a far more comprehensive analysis about a couple of plays, pointing out more than originally meets the eye for the LA Rams offense.

The Seattle Seahawks defense needs to make a play, and they deploy the trusted and true A-gap blitz that has decimated the Rams offense in recent years. Ah, but no longer.  Stafford reads the blitz and resets his running back Darrell Henderson to pick it up.  The Seahawks are not done just yet, as they threatened to blitz from either side of the center. With Henderson left of center, they send their guy from the right of center.

Slaying the A-Gap demons

Corbett turns in to pick up the blitz, while Henderson launches out to pick up the extra defender. Stafford slides to the left slightly, avoiding pressure, and launches a perfectly placed pass to WR Robert Woods.

The Rams’ ability to not only pick up the blitz but to place the ball downfield for a first down is an incredible improvement over 2020.

While the Rams offense is clearly not failsafe just yet, they are exhibiting a much stronger pattern of cohesion and communication each week. The offense is on the same page and getting stronger with each week.

But it would all be for naught if the receivers were not clear about their assignments. Have no fear, because everyone was on the same page.  As the video demonstrates, from the moment the play is changed, the Rams receivers, and specifically Robert Woods, alters his route and timing and are ready to make the catch as the ball is hurled out of the pocket.

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The Rams struggled against the New York Giants’ defense last year because they were unable to handle the unpredictability of those Giants’ linebackers. I expect the offense to do a better job this year. In fact, I believe the Rams will have a much better game offensively than expected in Week 6.