Should LA Rams kick tires on Brian Poole or Desmond Trufant?

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Mandatory CreditDan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinApc Packvsfalcons 120918 1538 Djp /
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The LA Rams free agency staff may be quite busy over the next 48 hours or so.  Here’s what’s up?  The Rams defense has been a bit underperforming so far this year, particularly after topping the entire NFL rankings on defense.

If you think that the LA Rams should just sit tight, there is a bit of an NFC West arms race underway. You see, the Arizona Cardinals just traded for Philadelphia Eagles tight end, Zach Ertz. That is the offense that put up 37 points on the Rams defense in their first meeting. Now, can the Rams make a move to close that gap, particularly on defense?

Well, perhaps. You see, the Cardinals are not the only team making roster moves. The New Orleans Saints were busy as well. and if you didn’t notice, they have released two players who should warrant a bit of consideration for the Rams. Say hello to Brian Poole and Desmond Trufant.

While their release may or may not bode well in terms of how effective they were for the Saints’ defense, they may fit a recent need on the Rams’ defense.  The Rams have already been disappointed with the play of David Long Jr. so far this season, and have just lost starting defensive back Darious Williams for at least three weeks. Now, the Rams must compensate in the secondary for two positions.   They may need a bit of outside help.

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Both players are NFL veterans, and they have both been starters. Those types of players are not typically available at this time of the season. Considering the quality and depth of the Cardinals’ receivers, the Rams would be very wise to kick the tires on both defensive backs.