5 keys to LA Rams victory over NY Giants in Week 6

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The LA Rams may not be facing the New York Giants at full strength, but the Rams are not at full strength either. Somehow, that part does not seem to be taken into account as the two teams prepare to meet in Week 6 of the 2021 NFL season.

The Giants are 1-4 and are certainly looking for a win in any way possible. Defeating the Rams is paramount, as the Giants know that there is little chance of a playoff berth at 1-5, even in a 17 game season.

The Rams are at the opposite end of the spectrum at 4-1. Their need to claim this win may not align

The Rams face a team that they should beat, that they ought to beat. But after 2020’s meltdown against the not-so-good San Francisco 49ers twice and the winless New York Jets once, there is no such thing as a sure thing when the Rams come to play. Particularly when the LA Rams will be playing without starting outside linebacker Justin Hollins and defensive back Darious Williams.

The team will face challenges in Week 6. So how can the team overcome that? Well, we have a few keys that we are confident will lead to a solid win. Like what, you ask? Well, such as…

Key I: Jump out to a lead

The simplest step, while the most obvious, is oftentimes the most overlooked one.  The key to any game on the East Coast is to jump out to an early lead and stay there.  We know that the Giants will be entering this game knowing that they must score a lot of points to win. And they won’t hold anything back to do so.

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So the Rams need to get points on the board quickly. How? Well, the Rams have four wide receivers who can put up big yardage in a game, so start out by targeting them. Play the majority of the first half on the Giants’ end of the football field, and when necessary, run the ball into the endzone. Just a simple “we’re here to win this game.” style of football.