5 keys to LA Rams victory over NY Giants in Week 6

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Key IV: Control the clock

After the LA Rams take a lead, then it’s time to throttle back into ball control mode. There is no reason to give the Giants plenty of game clock time to try to figure out an offensive strategy that works. Just get the offense on the field and keep driving the football until the football crosses the plane of the end zone.

We know that the Giants’ offense will be primarily passing because that is all that they have left. So there really is no reason to tempt fate by allowing the Giants to run 75+ offensive plays. Eventually, NFL offenses get a big catch, draw a foul, or simply start off with a good enough field position to score.

To lessen the chances of something good happening for the Giants, the Rams must eliminate opportunities for those types of plays to occur. That means that the Rams must do a far better job of controlling the clock in this one than they have all season long.

As long as the Rams can control the clock, their defense is resting, the Giants aren’t scoring, and the Rams have the opportunity to put points on the scoreboard.  This is not a game where the Rams need three long touchdown bombs. Perhaps one long pass to loosen up the defense? Okay. But once the Rams get the lead, they will need to gear down and chew up yards and minutes.

Think of it this way. It will be excellent practice for those future games where the Rams will need to do so to ensure a win in a higher-pressure game.