4 LA Rams who played large roles in Week 6 win

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From the moment that the LA Rams won their fourth game, the Rams were heavily favored to win their fifth game. From the opening spread of 11 points to the kickoff spread that had shrunk all the way down to 7.5 points, the Rams were never considered to be at risk of losing. But the confidence of smart money in the Rams’ ability to win big in this one has faded. As the confidence has waned, so too has the point spread.

Of course, it matters not how Ws show up in the win column. At this point in the season, a win is far more important than how the win occurs. The New York Giants jumped out to a 3-0 lead after the first quarter. But then the LA Rams came to life. They woke up on defense, they woke up on offense, and they even show signs of life on special teams. Well, as long as the referees kept their flags in their pockets.

The Rams needed this win. They needed to win on the East Coast. They needed to defeat an opponent where the team was expected to defeat. The Rams needed to show that this offense could cook. Oh yes, they cooked.

Need does not always translate into success when the Rams are heavily favored. But the Rams played their parts to perfection in this game. Despite a rocky start, the team kept their nose on the football and their hands in the dirt. Eventually, the Rams absorbed the physicality of the Giants and began to successfully counter-punch.

I: DT Greg Gaines

In the opening play, OLB Leonard Floyd got his hand on the football to cause a fumble, but it was Greg Gaines who lumbered in to complete the sack. And it was Gaines who is running all over the field. He ran in to tackle Giants RB Booker on a screenplay as well.

Gaines’s physical style of play was crucial for this one.

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Gaines did not show up large in the box stats as he only recorded two tackles on the day. But he was present, and oftentimes in ways that were surprisingly effective. He showed remarkable speed and agility in a game where he was also called upon to deliver the stone wall he specializes in at the line of scrimmage.