LA Rams backup QB situation could be a long-term problem

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Rams offense has changed dramatically

The fact is that John Wolford was a better backup to Jared Goff than he is for Matthew Stafford. How so? Well, he read the defense in less time, was more decisive, and could escape pressure in the pocket with his legs. Where Jared Goff was weak, Wolford was stronger, and that gave defenses a lot more to think about when they faced the challenge of trying to defend Wolford.

The Rams no longer use play-action as often. The team has gone with a 12-personnel package less often as well. The team is getting far more mileage out of 11-personnel formations, empty backfields, and the passing game than ever before.

This offense has taken a new direction. The Rams are moving to an offense that needs a quarterback who can throw consistently with pinpoint accuracy now. I hate to be the one to tell you this if you haven’t learned it just yet, but John Wolford will not have an NFL season where his accuracy spikes above 70 percent. It’s just not who he is.

The Rams knew that Wolford would be a bit rusty this year. After all, he was knocked out early of the Rams’ first playoffs game against the Seattle Seahawks, and then underwent an emergency Appendectomy operation that sidelined him throughout the preseason.  Wolford was a good quarterback option when the Rams ran their 12 package offense. The reason is that Wolford can read through two progressions. If nobody is open, then he can take off running.

With two tight ends and two wide receivers, the offense was balanced. That gave Wolford the option to run where the defenders weren’t playing, allowing him to break containment for huge gains on the ground.

Bryce Perkins ran the newly designed offense very well through the preseason. He seemed poised, made decisive and somewhat accurate throws, and he played entire games without injury concerns. He certainly made a strong case for consideration for a larger role.