The LA Rams invested more than draft picks into All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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In 2019, the Jacksonville Jaguars were trying to win a public relations battle over the future of disgruntled All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey. And one of the lessons that you truly ought to know about what you read is that the story is often more dependant upon who is telling it than the underlying facts.

As Ramsey struggled with the Jaguars to force the team to either deal in good faith over a new contract or trade him, the stories began to emerge about the dark side of a player who was unhappy and ruining the Jaguars in an effort to get paid.

Despite the rumors in writing over Jalen Ramsey’s self-centered focus, the LA Rams were undeterred from trying to land him in one of the biggest deals of the season. After all, the team was struggling at both the offensive line and the defensive secondary.  The Rams did not just want a player like Ramsey on the defense. To return to the playoffs, this team needed him.

The stories were relentless and a bit shameful. He’s toxic. He’s a prima donna. He will make the LA Rams regret spending so much to get him. He will never sign a long-term contract. Yet, the Rams persisted, and in October 2019, the LA Rams executed a blockbuster trade to land their second defensive All-Pro defensive back.

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The plan was pretty simple, but the cost was considered rather pricey when the deal was finally negotiated and both teams signed off.  As is always the case, there were the instant reactions of winners and losers of a deal where the ink was still wet. So what did the Rams give up?