LA Rams: 5 reasons to believe defense will play well in Week 7

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Reason 3: The Rams are becoming far more opportunistic on defense

In the past two games, the LA Rams had faced NFL teams with a good grasp of ball security.  While the Rams had squandered their defenses’ ability to create turnovers by gifting the football to their opponents, neither the Week 5 opponent, the Seattle Seahawks, nor their Week 6 opponents, the New York Giants, had done so.

That small detail was truly not important, as the Rams created two turnovers against the Seahawks, and four turnovers against the Giants, to climb from a +0 net turnover after four games to a +3 turnover after six games. And they have done so against teams that had, before facing the Rams, not coughed up the football.

I believe that turnovers are vital to the Rams’ chances to succeed in 2021. The only game so far this year that the team lost was also not-so-coincidentally the game where the team lost the turnover battle by minus-two (-2).

While the Rams defense has gotten anything but compliments and a warm reception this year, they have been slowly (well sometimes, rather quickly) improving their ability to pilfer the football from the grasp of their opponents’ hands.

No other play in football can change the momentum of a game like a turnover. No other play can take points off the scoreboard from one team and put them up on the scoreboard for the other team as a turnover can.  The Rams are winning in an area that they have struggled to find success in recent years.  That’s the strength of this defense in 2021.