LA Rams Brycen Hopkins Week 7 inactive, bad sign for future

Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams drafted Purdue pass-catching tight end, Brycen Hopkins, in the 2020 NFL Draft as a potential padawan for veteran tight end Gerald Everett. But more than a year later, when the Rams have lost the services of tight end Johnny Mundt for the season, Hopkins enters Week 7 not as a player whose role may increase dramatically.

Oh no. He enters Week 7 as one of the Rams inactive players. That can’t be good.

The LA Rams released their list of inactive players for their contest against the Detroit Lions includes OLB Chris Garrett, DL Bobby Brown III, QB Bryce Perkins, OL Alaric Jackson, OL Tremayne Anchrum Jr, and TE Brycen Hopkins.

We’d discussed the Rams’ plans to rework the offensive lineup with the loss of Mundt and pointed out that the team had options for Hopkins, rookie Jacob Harris, and the option to activate practice squad tight end Kendall Blanton.

Hopkins should be the ‘next man up,’ in the lineup, if nothing else, than the fact that he is the most senior tight end on the active roster. He was on the active roster in 2020, and again in 2021. But at the moment that the Rams look for help to fill a spot at tight end, it appears that the Rams have elected to promote Kendall Blanton for the game, and bench Hopkins.

The LA Rams want to win Week 7, getting their sixth win in just seven games.  But this game is going to have a lot of emotion and momentum change. The Rams kicked off to open the game, so it’s another game where the Rams will get the kickoff to start the second half.

It’s a rough start for the Rams. With the down and distance at third and nine from the 37-yard line, the Rams sent everyone and Goff threw to his running back DeAndre Swift who followed blockers for a fast touchdown.

The Rams will get the ball, but Hopkins won’t be on the football field. That’s never a good sign. But with the NFL trade deadline approaching in two weeks, will the Rams be willing to part ways with Hopkins here, clearing cap space, and creating room on the roster for a replacement.

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The Rams are behind by 7-0 and fumbled the ensuing kickoff.  Buckle up, folks. Here we go with a heavily favored and overconfident Rams team once more.  The Detroit Lions through a screen for a TD. They have used an onside kick. They have used a fake punt.  The Rams are reeling.


But the Rams offense has the football. Here we go.

51. Final. 10. 50. 0