LA Rams future draft picks: 2022 NFL Draft and beyond

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The LA Rams are a team that has a very simplistic yet complex formula for success. The team identifies a handful of game-changing NFL players, pays them very handsomely, and uses them to anchor the team’s performance and expectations. In short, the Rams have All-Pro caliber players like Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Andrew Whitworth, and now Matthew Stafford, all of whom have plenty of football experience and give younger and less talented players unique opportunities to learn from the NFL elites.

But the second part of the formula is the trickier part. The Rams cast large nets to add young talent to the team. They do so through the NFL Draft, focusing on day two through day seven players who can develop into NFL-caliber players.  The Rams do not rush players onto the football field. Rather, they invest the coaching and patience necessary to allow young players to earn their roles. By year two, they are on the rotation. By year three, they are starters. By year four, they have reached their peak. And by the end of their rookie contract, they sign on for large dollars on another NFL team and are considered in an NFL algorithm in a formula to award the Rams any compensatory draft picks in the following year.

That starts the process all over again. So how do we figure out what those future draft picks will be?

Well, we don’t need to. The experts over at Over the have already done so, and project the LA Rams will receive five awarded compensatory draft picks in 2022. The Rams have one third-round compensatory draft pick for the hiring of Brad Holmes by the Detroit Lions as their new general manager. Although the Rams had lost five players to free agency, there is a cap for the awarding of just four draft picks per year to one team in that manner.

As we had noted in a previous article,’s draft analyst Lance Zierlein had also come out with a projection for draft picks with his 2022 NFL Draft: Compensatory pick projections for every team. In his article, he confirms that the LA Rams currently project to be the only NFL team to be awarded five compensatory draft picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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Still, that only sets the stage for future draft picks, and does nothing to give the down and dirty details of the future draft picks and in which rounds they will occur. So let’s remedy that right now, shall we?