3 former players who LA Rams should trade for before trade deadline

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Trade scenario II: John Johnson III

The LA Rams secondary not only lost the production of John Johnson III when he signed on with the Cleveland Browns in the 2021 NFL Free Agency market, but the Rams lost his leadership qualities as well.  He was a natural fit for the Rams secondary, providing the perfect blend of coverage, play calling, diagnosis, and run support to keep the Rams defense at the top of the NFL rankings.

In Cleveland? It’s not exactly working out as well as hoped. His performance has regressed a bit and the Browns fanbase is ruthlessly impatient. Somewhere in the course of restocking their roster for the 2021 NFL season, the front office believed that just signing free agents and plugging them into any ole defensive scheme meant instant chemistry, communication, and production. From what I’ve seen so far of that Browns’ defense, that is not the case.

Rams’ roster really could use JJIII

The Browns are still very much in the hunt with a record of 4-3 entering Week 8. But they built their team to stop the Kansas City Chiefs and that incredible passing offense. Surprisingly, the Chiefs are 3-4 and are no longer looking like the team to beat. The best AFC teams right now appear to be the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans, both teams with incredible rushing offenses.

JJIII is a solid fit for the LA Rams defense. But so far, his performance for the Browns defense is a meager PFF grade of 55.4 through Week 7. While the Rams seldom pay safeties top dollar, John Johnson III is currently earning 11.25 million this year. Brining Johnson back will mean restructuring JJIII’s contract, slashing payroll elsewhere, or both. But he is worth it.