4 players the LA Rams could trade before the deadline

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Trade scenario II: Coleman Shelton

The LA Rams offense is pretty well set, and much of that is thanks to the offensive line that is led by offensive center Brian Allen. While I was not as optimistic about his performance as it has turned out, I am more than happy to bear witness to Allen as a solid addition for the starters this year.

So now that brings me to backup offensive lineman Coleman Shelton. It is unlikely that he will be needed in the 2021 NFL season, and even in a scenario where the Rams would need an interior offensive lineman, the team will likely promote another player.

I may believe in Shelton to the point where I expect that he will be capable of staring on an NFL offensive line, that is not the way events are turning out for him with the Rams so far. And that brings me to that same familiar question. If the Rams do not intend to play him, why pay him to sit on the bench?  The team has a solid depth at offensive linemen already, and Shelton is to the point where he is truly ready to step up.

3 former players who LA Rams should trade for before the trade deadline. light. Hot

Perhaps the Detroit Lions, a team with offensive line injuries, would be interested in acquiring an offensive lineman before the trade deadline. Shelton is young enough to make sense, even on a team in the midst of rebuilding, and his price tag of $850,000 (per OverTheCap.com) generates some savings for the LA Rams while not breaking the bank of any team he joins.

Is this a trade that would make sense? Not really. But it is a trade that the Rams could do with less negative impact than trading away a starting inside linebacker for nothing.