LA Rams trade of DeSean Jackson will reshape NFL playoff picture

(Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
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When veteran wide receiver DeSean Jackson hit the 2021 NFL Free Agency market, interest from most NFL teams was tepid at best. The veteran wide receiver was escaping the chaos of the coaching vs. front-office discord of the Philadelphia Eagles, and playing eight of the scheduled 32 games in the past two seasons did not offer much in the way of marketing strategy for his new team.

So in the midst of some intriguing actions taken by the LA Rams front office that could lead some to conclude that the team is setting the stage for a huge move at the trade deadline, the Rams are now rumored to be placing the same veteran wide receiver back on the trading block. Huh?

Purely from the LA Rams perspective, this move unto itself makes zero sense. In fact, in terms of the isolated move, it rivals the strategy of trading away starting inside linebacker Kenny Young for an expired lottery ticket earlier. And paired with the Rams reportedly restructuring the contract of offensive right tackle Rob Havenstein, indicates that the Rams are very interested in clearing salary-cap space. But for what?

Who should the LA Rams target from each NFL team at Trade Deadline. light. Hot

That’s the $8 million dollar question right now.

At least, that is an approximation of the LA Rams salary cap space may be after trading DeSean Jackson, assuming that it does indeed go through. That is a pretty hefty sum of stockpiled cash to outlay in a trade scenario. But before we go there, let’s talk about what the LA Rams have done so far.