LA Rams trade of DeSean Jackson will reshape NFL playoff picture

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Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

The margin of victory for the LA Rams against the Buccaneers was Jackson. That’s simply an undeniable historic fact. So the idea that the team is suddenly going to field trade calls because one of their receivers wants to see more action in the offense seems a bit overboard.

Why not simply target him more often in the offense? The guy is averaging nearly 30 yards per reception, can get open, and gives this offense the potential to score from anywhere on the football field. He gives this offense something no other player does. Instant touchdowns.

The same argument about freeing up cap space was incredibly weak when the organization tried to justify sending starting inside linebacker Kenny Young to the Denver Broncos in exchange for the right to upgrade their 2024 NFL Draft seventh-round pick to a sixth-round pick. Folks, that is three entire NFL drafts into the future. If the Broncos had sent a player and a draft pick upgrade, that would be a different story.

The LA Rams are 6-1. If they are dissatisfied with a player, they can demote him and promote his backup. That’s an easy thing to do and keeps the depth at critical positions steady. Instead, the Rams have traded a starting linebacker for a bag of popcorn and are about to trade away a vital offensive weapon who could be the difference in winning and losing a playoff or Super Bowl game.

The only logical answer is that the front office is making cap space available for a player who they believe can make the team better than the cumulative play of both Kenny Young and DeSean Jackson. That is a pretty high bar to jump over.

But for the moment, let’s focus on what some NFL playoff-hopeful team might get if they trade for veteran DeSean Jackson.