LA Rams trade of DeSean Jackson will reshape NFL playoff picture

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DeSean Jackson can be a game-changer

The fact that Jackson has only played a cameo role with the LA Rams offense should not discourage teams from inquiring what it might take to get him. And for most teams with a record at or above .500, adding Jackson will improve their chances of earning a playoff berth and perhaps even winning it all.

Yes, there are some issues that come with any NFL player, and Jackson is no exception.  Jackson is a split-role receiver. He can not and should not be expected to line up wide on every offensive snap. The LA Rams had the right idea of limiting just how many plays he would be involved in. The Rams were simply too conservative.

Still, there is a lot of value in DeSean Jackson on the right team, for the right offense, at the receiving end of the right quarterback. Things like a player who can score on one pass on first and ten from the 25-yard line.  You see, scoring on 60+ yard plays is sort of DeSean Jackson’s wheelhouse:

When a guy literally can score from anywhere on the football field on one play, that gives a bit of an edge to a good NFL quarterback, doesn’t it?

Okay. The guy can score on one play. Which teams may benefit from that type of receiver?