Unsexy but wise, the LA Rams sign TE Kendall Blanton to roster

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The first player listed is former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Antoine Brooks. He is a 5-foot-11 205-pound defensive back who has an intriguing background as both cornerback and safety. He had a great preseason for the Steelers but lost the numbers game as they were well stocked with DBs at the time.

Brooks boasted an impressive 2020 NFL Draft profile, landing a projection for a fifth-round selection. He fell to the Steelers at the 198th overall pick of the draft, a sixth-round selection. He managed to play in four games for the Steelers in 2020, getting four tackles and denying the only pass targeting his receiver.

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The Rams added Brooks on September 3rd, 2021, and this is his first occasion to see action for the Rams this season. He could be someone to watch, as he clearly had a command of pass coverage in preseason games with Pittsburgh.

His role may be a bit limited, but he’ll be worth keeping an eye out for in this game. As a hybrid defensive back, the Rams can mix and match him in virtually any role in the secondary, likely in matchups that favor his skillsets. Just how good will he play for the Rams? That’s to be determined. But he was putting on a pretty good show in the preseason, and I have every expectation that he will play even better for the Rams if he takes the football field.

Will he see any work on the Rams defense? While the answer to that question is probably unlikely, he remains a very intriguing player who could improve his stock significantly with a good performance in Week 8.