NFL Experts Instant Reactions to LA Rams blockbuster trade

Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports /

Some days are just better than others, you know. And that is quite the statement on the Monday morning after the LA Rams ascended to the tie the best record in the NFL (7-1) with the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals.

Of course, here comes that NFL Trade Deadline, and we know the whispers and rumors that buzzed in our ears long before today. “What are the Rams up to? “seemed to accompany each roster move by the team, and for good reason. It just didn’t add up.

Well, we were correct all along, and the LA Rams are exactly who we thought they were (wait, didn’t someone else say that?

Yeah, Dennis Green said that. Thanks, Coach.

Well, back to the point. Now that the LA Rams have pulled off a blockbuster deal, what do the NFL pundits and experts think about it?

Rich Eisen

NFL sportscaster Rich Eisen gave his first blush, and I won’t spoil it by giving details. But Eisen loves the fact that LA Rams GM Les Snead is aggressive.

He is two thumbs up on this move because the LA Rams must face Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, and Trey Lance twice a year.

Pat McAfee

NFL sports analyst Pat McAfee was also on the air when the Adam Schefter report broke. (Warning: Adult language content)

Pat McAfee loves the combination of Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and Jalen Ramsey on the Rams defense.

Steve Wyche

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche loves the fact that the LA Rams are operating as an NBA team. He points out that the Rams defense has Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Jalen Ramsey, and Leonard Floyd.

Wyche believes that due to running a similar scheme, the Rams defense can see Miller on the field on Sunday Night Football.

Arash Markazi

Former LA Times sports columnist Arash Markazi loves the fact that the LA Rams are keeping the marketing furnace stoked by providing a constant stream of elite NFL talent to draw Rams fans to the team.

He loves the fact that the Rams are making noise at the NFL Trade Deadline.

Brooke Kromer

While the daughter of former offensive line coach Aaron Kromer has established herself as a very accomplished NFL analyst and contributor to Fantasy Football experts, she still makes herself available at any indication of LA Rams moves.

She is a great follow on Twitter and suggested that she will be booking her Super Bowl LVI trip to watch the Rams compete at SoFi Stadium.

Skip Bayless

Of course, sports contrarian and talking head Skip Bayless was all over this one as well.

The guy is paid to be a burr in the saddle of NFL fans, and he is in rare form today.

NFL GameDay

Even NFL GameDay is excited, and why not? Suddenly, the LA Rams have one more reason to turn on the television and tune in, and the combination of Von Miller with Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Leonard Floyd will be something very special.

Okay, a lot of positive reactions from those ‘in the know’ folks. But what do you think? Is Von Miller that last piece to the puzzle who can help get the Rams over the hump? Or did the Rams simply put a fresh coat of paint on bad wood?

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One thing is certain. We have a lot more to talk about. So stay tuned…