LA Rams Rumors: Is blockbuster trade happening Monday afternoon?

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LA Rams Rumors
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Follow the money

Okay, so three unrelated incidents, but one common theme. The LA Rams are freeing up funds. The only reason to do that is for a rainy day or for a shopping spree. While there could be an argument made for the rainy day, never know what is coming, scenario, that could be true of any point in time.

The fact is that the LA Rams are less than 48 hours from the NFL Trade Deadline, and the official responses cited to inquiries over the recent moves and maneuvers have been thinly veiled behind some ‘just in case’ reason. These are the LA Rams, and as easy as it is for some folks to take potshots over some of the moves that have not panned out, this team was, is, and will be built on taking chances.

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So now, as the team lines up for the 2021 NFL Trade Deadline, we are to believe that everything has changed? Somehow, the front office and coaching staff have put down the notes of ways to improve the team at the mid-season mark and will just go ‘as is” the rest of the way?  I can’t believe that to be the case.

Les Snead and Sean McVay have a pretty good handle on this roster, on the team, and what, or even who, is needed to help the roster get over the hump. Which teams will the LA Rams likely face in the post-season right now? The Arizona Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers, perhaps the Dallas Cowboys, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Of that group, all four have very effective passing offenses.  The LA Rams have a very effective pass defense. But there is always room for more, right?