LA Rams Rumors: Is blockbuster trade happening Monday afternoon?

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Now for the good stuff

Late in the day (nighttime actually) on October 31, 2021, I ran across this little NFL Rumor from former NFL defensive end Shaun Smith. Now Smith is a former player for any number of teams but has frequently been in the know about matters with the Kansas City Chiefs.

With that teaser from someone with reason to know, and the fact that a trade partner would be an NFC West team, and the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are shopping for wide receiver help, that could make a deal to send DeSean Jackson to the Kansas City Chiefs for perhaps a fifth-round pick.

Many of the hints so far seem to point to the LA Rams packaging DeSean Jackson and perhaps a pick for Jacksonville Jaguars inside linebacker Myles Jack. Even as the Rams got a great debut out of rookie Ernest Jones, the Rams have a new defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, and his defensive scheme is utterly dependant upon getting solid production from the ILBs.

I didn’t like the Rams investing so much money in a position they have all but abandoned, but the fact is that the Rams have already invested a solid draft pick in Ernest Jones, and it showed up on the football field. Perhaps rather than discouraging the Rams from pursuing Jack, it has sealed the deal.

Another name that flies around in forums and social media is the possibility of trading for now-out-of-favor DB Kyle Fuller. Fuller would certainly be a solid piece for the Rams’ secondary. But the Rams do expect the return of Darious Williams from injured reserve before too long. Would the Rams be willing to trade for a player who they expect to demote in a matter of weeks?

Finally, there will undoubtedly be a rather heated bidding war for Fuller at the trade deadline, a scenario I expect that the Rams front office would prefer to avoid.

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So where does this leave me? I believe that the Rams may be looking to trade for Jaguars inside linebacker Myles Jack. The evidence points that way, and so that’s where we’ll go. Will it happen in time for a deal to be announced on Monday afternoon?  Hopefully, later than that. This article has me up until 4:00 am PT on November 1st, and I’d be very happy to get some sleep before some blockbuster Rams trade is reported.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Just hours AFTER This report was published

Adam Schefter reported that the LA Rams had agreed to terms to acquire All-Pro OLB Von Miller from the Denver Broncos for their 2022 second-round and third-round picks. How can the Rams afford to pay Von Miller? Part of the conditions included the Denver Broncos paying $9 million of Von Miller’s salary, leaving under $1 million on the books to be paid by the Rams organization.

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Innovative moves like this are what keep the LA Rams so competitive year after year. With the addition of Von Miller, the Rams defense should be able to play more aggressively at getting after the quarterback. That should give the Rams the boost needed to win in the very competitive NFL Playoffs.

So it seems that, in the end, we were correct to remain vigilant. If LA Rams GM Les Snead has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible.