LA Rams Rumors: Don’t rule out another move before trade deadline

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

If the reports are true, the LA Rams still have enough free salary cap space for another move.  Per, the salary cap impact by adding All-Pro Von Miller was $722,223. So adding an All-Pro pass rusher to the roster for the salary cost of an undrafted free agent rookie? Yep. That about sums it all up. So that brings us full circle to the first sentence. The Rams have enough salary-cap space for one more move.

But for whom? That’s a good question.

The key is not to get a splashy name to add to the roster. Rather, the Rams must look at this as a relative improvement process. Relative means the difference between what was and what will be. Let’s talk in terms of an example:

Opportunity cost

The LA Rams added Von Miller to the roster. So most fans look at that addition and think that the Rams roster has improved by everything that Von Miller can do. But that’s not how it works. When the LA Rams send Miller onto the football field, they must bench either Terrell Lewis or Ogbonnia Okoronkwo. So the relative improvement to the team is:

(Von Miller’s production) – [(Terrell Lewis production)+(Ogbonnia Okoronkwo production)]/2

It’s opportunity cost, or the potential surrendered by foregoing one option to select another.

More simply, from the moment you spend money for a candy bar, you no longer have the money to buy an ice-cold soda. On a hot day? That’s the opportunity cost of not having your thirst quenched.

With all of that, the Rams can make significant improvements by tinkering with the bottom end of the roster – because a better player has less offset by replacing someone who is marginally contributing.

Are we DONE?

So here we are, just hours remaining, and the question lingers:

If you didn’t realize it, Kara Henderson is an accomplished sports journalist, former NFL reporter, and television commentator, who is married to the LA Rams General Manager Les Snead. She occasionally pops on social media after the LA Rams rock the NFL with headlining news, giving feedback to fans and to her husband alike.

While this social media tidbit can be as harmless as a social media tease, it’s certainly coming straight from the LA Rams general manager. In my book, a passing comment by LA Rams GM Les Snead to his wife that the LA Rams may not be done yet qualifies as an NFL source with a position to form an opinion on the matter.

If you need more proof, just check out the video when ESPN’s Lindsey Thiry poses the question about the team’s depth at wide receiver. Coach McVay replies that there are a number of players ‘out there,’ suggesting that the Rams are looking at a free agent or as a potential trade.

The Rams are absolutely looking to be their best. So I would state with confidence that if something develops that will improve this team, the Rams will pull the trigger.

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Are the LA Rams done yet?  Well, let’s ask it a different way. Are the LA Rams EVER done before the deadline?