From tears to trades: How Aaron Donald lit a fire in LA Rams organization

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Lit a fire in the LA Rams organization

The coaching staff and front office knew that the team had to find some way to upgrade their quarterback position. But with no first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and no clear free agent who could lead the team to the promised land on the horizon, the Rams found themselves at an impasse.

Perhaps if the team could instill that same level of frustration and angst in such a way as to force Goff on the path to improvement? The team laid down their edict: The team would compete at every position in 2021.

Even as the Rams pondered how to improve at quarterback, the Detroit Lions and veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford agreed to part ways. The Lions were about to undertake their umpteenth rebuild, and that did not appeal to Matthew Stafford in the least. His epiphany had come much earlier when the Lions (5-11) lost to the Minnesota Vikings (7-9) in Detroit.

Stafford realized that his career was in a death spiral. If he didn’t land on a competitive team soon, he would have nothing to offer.

And so, the Lions placed Matthew Stafford on the trade block. The random chance to land such an accomplished quarterback was a Godsend to the desperate LA Rams organization. Head coach Sean McVay was so convinced that this was the team’s only chance, he personally lobbied team owner Stan Kroenke for the authorization to sweeten the offer to the Lions.

Of course, you know that story. The Rams traded for Matthew Stafford.