LA Rams: Could this be the time to try WR Brandin Cooks 2.0?

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The New Orleans Saints are giving running back Mark Ingram another chapter. The Saints had already re-signed former safety, Malcolm Jenkins. Even the LA Rams got into the act, giving DeSean Jackson another chapter with his former head coach Sean McVay. Is it a new era, where NFL teams revisit players who, for any number of reasons, parted ways in the past, but are reuniting once more? If so, why not slide on up and listen to one of the crazier ideas that I’ve had so far this year.

Brandin Cooks 2.0.

Now that the LA Rams have a quarterback who can throw a football nearly the length of a football field, why not consider re-adding wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the team?  I mean, crazier things are happening already, right?

So what prompted this temporary insanity? Well, a tweet that showed up yesterday that has stuck.

And I rolled this one over in my head overnight because, in all honesty, I simply could not shake the idea out of my mind easily. But the Rams traded Cooks away in 2019. So what has changed?

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For the LA Rams? Quite a bit, actually.  Since trading away Cooks and a future fourth-round draft pick for a second-round draft pick, the Rams have changed their offensive line, quarterback, and offensive philosophy. All changes have resulted in a team more aligned with Cooks’ skillsets.