LA Rams: Could this be the time to try WR Brandin Cooks 2.0?

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Difference III: Rams and Cooks are very familiar with one another

Perhaps the greatest risk in any trade scenario is the period after a trade with the acclimation phase of new players. There are all of those off-field distractions, a challenge of helping the new arrival focus on the football field, and not the myriad of other issues that come with being uprooted and shipped off to a new city.

The LA Rams and Brandin Cooks are not that way. They know each other, and they have a renewed opportunity to work with one another towards a common goal of winning it all.

Cooks set quite the pace for the Rams in 2018, putting up 1204 yards and five touchdowns. The problem was that in 2019, the Rams quarterback could not find the range to place the ball into his hands. Cooks’ completion rate plummeted from 68.4 percent to 58.3 percent. His yards-per-completion dropped from 15.1 to 13.4. The 2019 offense no longer had the horses to drive an offense with Cooks’ as a featured receiver.

But the LA Rams offensive line is sound in 2021. The quarterback is the gifted Matthew Stafford. The LA Rams receivers are pretty loaded. But there is always room for one more. The team still needs a receiver who can stretch the football field. If that role opens up, and it very well could with the current situation with Atwell and Jackson, the Rams could restock the roster with a very accomplished Cooks reunion.

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Unheard of? Impossible? Not for LA Rams GM Les Snead, who was able to acquire Denver Broncos OLB Von Miller at a salary cost of under $1 million.  If the Rams want to power up the offense, Brandin Cooks is a legit option.