LA Rams flurry of signings and promotions restores roster

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Well, the LA Rams didn’t wait long to fill key roster spots. In fact, the team acted much more quickly than expected. Of course, the team is not ‘done,’ yet, as the practice squad continues with two vacancies. But the moves do fill the 53-man roster and do so instantly.

So who did the LA Rams add to the roster to swell the ranks and fill in the vacancies? Well, believe it or not, the Rams made an incredibly wise move by re-signing former inside linebacker Christian Rozeboom. The team has decided to promote WR J.J. Koski from the practice squad (perhaps a wise move to do so) and has designated DB Darious Williams to return to practice.  Finally, the Rams have added WR Warren Jackson, who I promise we will investigate in this article.

But first of all, let’s break down the active roster returns/additions, shall we?

Rams roster restored

Darios Williams returning from the injured reserve roster is the news that the LA Rams have been eagerly awaiting. Williams was placed on the injured reserve list after the Seattle Seahawks game. While the Rams have won the next three games, the competition was significantly less competitive. The Rams faced the New York Giants ( 2-6 ), the Detroit Lions (0-8), and the Houston Texans (1-7) without Williams.

Williams is the other guy in the secondary who makes all the difference. His ability to complement the skillset of Jalen Ramsey by providing incessant close coverage allows Ramsey to pick his spots. Williams picks up coverage on the best remaining receiver, typically with very effective results.

If you are hoping that the LA Rams pass defense improves, you should be in for a pleasant surprise. With Williams returning, and the fact that the Rams had an opportunity to fast track the workload for rookie DB Robert Rochell, to get excellent playing time from DB Dante Deayon.

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All of this will help the team make a playoff run. The key, for now, is to get Williams back and playing.