LA Rams flurry of signings and promotions restores roster

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The prodigal linebacker, Christian Rozeboom, returns

There is plenty to love about inside linebacker Christian Rozeboom, particularly if you have followed his career as closely as we have for the past two seasons. For starters, he is an undrafted free agent from the 2020 NFL Draft class, one of the players added who survived in spite of enormous odds that that were stacked against him.

After beating the odds in 2020, he faced even greater odds in 2021. Not only did the LA Rams return every inside linebacker from the 2020 season, but the team went out and drafted an intriguing prospect in Ernest Jones. The competition for a spot on the active roster now not only included four players with NFL playing experience but now a highly coveted rookie who would and did get a closer look at filling a future role on this Ram’s defense. As he was waived for the second year in a row in advance of signing with the Rams practice squad, he chose to sign on with the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad.

Rams roster: What changed?

That was then, this is now. Since then, the LA Rams have lost inside linebacker Micah Kiser to the Denver Broncos off the practice squad, traded starting inside linebacker Kenny Young to the Denver Broncos for a used scratcher letter ticket, and lost Travin Howard to IR for several weeks due to injury. Rozeboom, the most familiar and available free agent with the Rams defense, was the most logical signing possible.

For Rozeboom, this is what he has fought to earn for the past two seasons. Now, on the Rams roster, he will surely be called upon to rotate into the defense as well as contribute on special teams. We can talk more about his in an upcoming article, but suffice it to say that I have loved the possibility of pairing up Ernest Jones with Christian Rozeboom, and I still do. These two players are both quite adept but have very different types of talents that should combine to make the Rams a rather formidable defense for the upcoming playoff run.