LA Rams flurry of signings and promotions restores roster

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Koski’s time to shine

Wide receiver J.J. Koski deserves a shot on the LA Rams offense, if for nothing else than the mere fact that he is the lone undrafted wide receiver remaining from the draft class of 2020. Durable, versatile, and committed, Koski has been more than a camp body or just another joe on the practice squad.

When a player stays after practice to get more reps, those are the players who I want to see get shots. If they are willing to go over and above what is asked of him, why shouldn’t that open doors? Clearly, the Rams’ recent efforts on special teams have not exactly set the NFL on fire. I’d be happy with a guy who simply knows when to catch the ball and take a knee, when to allow a touchback, and when to attempt running it back.

But with Koski, the Rams could get that, and more.  In the preseason, he played all three games, catching 12 of 19 passes thrown his way for 102 yards. He seemed to be the most polished receiver on the field for the Rams, a trait that would not earn him a roster spot but assured his return to the practice squad for the second year in a row.

He was not given a chance to return either punts or kickoffs in the preseason, but he has plenty of experience at both from his college playing days at Cal-Poly. We identified Koski as a possible solution to the Rams special team troubles nine months ago. Wouldn’t that be something if he proves to be the answer?