LA Rams flurry of signings and promotions restores roster

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Who are you, Warren Jackson?

So now we come to the unfamiliar face, newly signed wide receiver Warren Jackson. While he has been given a look-see by both the Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings, the third time is a charm that could prove to be the case this time.

Jackson is a towering 6-foot-6 219-pound receiver who is one of the few people who can look down at 6-foot-5 Jacob Harris on the planet. Thanks to his tremendous height, he is also blessed with an immense wingspan, making him an instant target in any Red Zone offense. He has strong hands and has a good reputation for winning on contested catches.

Where he needs work is his route running and physicality. Where he is not blessed, despite long giraffe-like legs, is speed. He could only muster a 4.72-second 40-yard dash, and a 7.71 three-cone drill, both disappointing times for a wide receiver. Despite his size, that lack of burst coupled with his lack of speed is likely why he has not stuck with any teams to date.

But the Rams signed him, perhaps a strategic move due to the potential discovered when signing 6-foot-5 211-pound tight end Jacob Harris. In fact, where Harris is incredibly athletically gifted but raw, Jackson is rather experienced but not nearly as athletically blessed.

But then, why would the Rams sign Warren Jackson? Well, the guy is a towering receiver who can make contested catches. Since the team has opted out of the speedy deep receivers, perhaps now the thought is to load up the end zone with towering receivers who simply can win the jump balls?

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While Jackson is just a practice squad player, his addition is very curious. The Rams had any number of directions that the team could go here. The team opted to add a skyscraper. Was that a choice to add a player to suit quarterback Matthew Stafford’s strengths? Very interesting indeed.